In keeping with our breakfast theme let us share with you the story of Edward L. Bernays, all round interesting chap and the father of ‘propaganda’ and author of the book of the same title (he later coined the term ‘public relations’ after discovering that the Nazi’s were using his book to subvert democracy).
In 1922 the bacon industry was in crisis, sales were down! They approached Ed to help fix the problem. He commissioned a medical survey, which found that people were better off and healthier if they consumed a heavy breakfast. Up till this point, breakfast consistedmostly of coffee or juice and toast.

Ed then sent the findings of his survey, and bacon and eggs as an example of a heavy breakfast, to 5000 doctors. Not long after that the bacon industry was smiling again as sales increased.
So what came first, the chicken or egg?
This debate has raged for years, with the Judeo-Christians weighing in on the side of the chicken, and Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and the Hindus are in the egg’s corner.
Buddhists, Aristotle and Nietzsche meanwhile are, and were, quite happy to sit on the fence with the profound declaration that neither came first!
With the exception of BrandNew’s red and black, we have even trended our colour palette to consist exclusively of natural eggs colours.
The 6 dots in the BrandNew logo are in fact Braille which, at the time we created it we thought tied in quite nicely with our philosophy of being ‘In Touch’. So while you have been staring at this poster we have been subliminally burning our icon into your brain.